Lew Harris Safaris

Johnny Christensen Group

South Africa 2007
Hunting Party: Geir Christensen, Thorstein Lindal, Stig Ole Aasen and Knut Bogsveen
Safari Dates: March 2007
PH's: Morgan Harris, Tyrone Milne, Liam Urry
Trackers: Alex, John, Thulane
Hunting Area: KwaZulu Natal
Trophies Taken:


• Blesbok

• Warthog

• 3x Impala

• Baboon

• 2x Impala females

• Kudu

• Nyala

• Caracal


We have been hunting with the Harris family for the past 4 years and have taken many trophy animals through out South Africa. On this particular safari we were able to harvest two trophy blesbok that ranked GOLD in SCI. It was a wonderful time and we have plans on coming back again to South Africa for another adventure.