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We leave the particular choice of firearm to our clients, however National Parks’ regulations in Zimbabwe require minimum callibres for certain species. You will need a rifle of .375 or bigger for the heavy, thick skinned animals such as Buffalo or Elephant, and anything from a .270 upwards for the smaller soft skinned antelope. Unlike South Africa, the temporary importation of semi-automatic weapons or handguns is not prohibited into Zimbabwe, and there is no limit on the amount of ammunition you may bring into the country. We recommend you bring soft cases for your weapons, gun cleaning equipment and a gun belt with ammo pouches. Depending on what you are hunting, you will need at least 40 rounds of soft points and 20 rounds of full metal jackets. If you enjoy bird shooting, bring along a shotgun as we offer excellent opportunities for bird shooting in all our areas, which makes for a pleasant afternoon's entertainment. 6" Shot for Francolin and Guinea Fowl and 8" shot for Dove and Sand Grouse.


There are stringent regulations regarding the import and export of firearms into Zimbabwe and as a result strict documentation is required from hunters entering the country. This documentation can at times be rather complicated and involved and there is no room for error. We therefore highly recommend the services of a company called Air 2000 Hunters Support. They specialize in assisting overseas hunters with the registration of their firearms prior to their arrival in the country.


Pre-issued gun permits can be arranged in advance at a cost of approximately $160 per person, irrespective of the number of firearms. Hunters Support will ensure that you have a hassle free ride through customs, thereby alleviating you of any unforeseen mishaps. For those that choose not to make use of the services of Hunter's Support, you will need to contact the relevant officials in your country to have the necessary documentation processed.


We strongly advise all clients to make use of the services of Hunters' Support. Those clients that have, we can assure you, will not hesitate in recommending their services. Hunters Support can be contacted directly at: air2000@global.co.za or through their website where you can access permit application forms directly. www.hunterssupport.com Dealing directly with them eliminates unnecessary duplication and confusion.