Lew Harris Safaris


Following is a list of essential items to bring along on a safari in South Africa.
•           2 x pairs hunting pants (preferably with zip-off legs)
•           1 - 2 pairs blue jeans
•           2 - 3 t-shirts which can be worn with shorts or long pants (no bright colors!)
•           1 x sweater
•           1 x fleece or other jacket
•           4 x pairs socks, 2 thin cotton & 2 thick cotton
•           1 x pair gloves, for early mornings & evenings
•           2 x pairs long underwear in case of cold weather (not a must!)
•           1 x pair pajamas... that is, if you wear them!
•           1 x pair good walking boots (worn-in in advance)
•           1 x pair tennis or casual shoes for around camp
•           1 x hat - preferably with a brim (the sun in Africa is mean on one's skin - even in winter)
•           1 x sweat suit for around camp in the evenings
•           1 - 2 sweat shirts if preferred to sweaters
•           1 x light scarf if preferred - it could come in handy
•           1 x comfortable outfit to wear on the plane - it's a long flight!
•           1 x inflatable neck cushion for the trip on the plane
•           1 x safari vest with numerous pockets, or, a small back pack (to carry your personal items eg. Kleenex, sunglasses, chewing gum, snacks, camera, film etc).
•           Personal toiletries
•           Sunblock - is extremely important
•           Camera, lenses, film, video camera, firearms, bullets, batteries etc.

A strong aluminum gun case is highly recommended.