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Zululand - KwaZulu-Natal

While the province of KwaZulu Natal may be internationally renowned as the Kingdom of the Zulu, it is really one of the only provinces in the country that can boast a true diversity of people and culture all honed together in its very own rainbow spirit. Visitors to the province have a chance to see and experience true Zulu culture and their proud history, interact with Indian people whose forefathers came to the province as labourers in 1860 and get a taste of traditional English culture still practiced by residents whose descendants came to the territory in the nineteenth century. The mix of races and cultures gives KwaZulu Natal a completely different feel to any other province in South Africa making it equally attractive to both domestic and international visitors.

Build around these cultural experiences are significant tourist attractions ranging from the steamy beaches in the busy metropolis of Durban and the provinces south and north coasts to mountain resorts nestled away in the majestic Drakensberg Mountain range. Over and above this the province also boasts a host of world class game parks and ecotourism facilities. One of the greatest attractions in KwaZulu Natal is the close proximity of the game reserves and hunting areas, home to the "Big Five" of the African game. In particular Hluhluwe, which has the largest concentration of the Black and White Rhino. A highlight for many visitors to the province would be a visit to Shakaland, the recreated kraal of legendary Zulu King Shaka. Shakaland offers visitors an enriching encounter with Zulu people and their customs.

Travelling north one comes to the unspoilt coastal areas of Maputaland, a region that offers a whole new wildlife experience whether exploring the waterways or venturing into the sea itself. The popular Sodwana Marine Reserve offers a host of leisure activities which include snorkeling or deep-sea diving where there is an abundance of coral reef systems. Further north are the waterways of Kosi Bay, an unspoilt wetland rich in bird life. Visitors can also explore the crystal waters of Lake Sibaye where one can view Hippopotamus leave the lake to feed with a breathtaking African sunset in the back ground.

The Drakensberg Mountains forms a semi-circle along the western boundary of the province. Mountain pinnacles and peaks rise to about 1500m above the surrounding countryside. Within this region there are numerous resorts and hotels that cater for visitors who come to relax, catch trout, climb mountains, go on guided hikes and horse rides, play sport or swim in the invigorating crisp atmosphere of the mountain splendour.


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