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Free State Province

The Free State Province is epitomized by an unparalleled spatial beauty capable of healing the most weary souls. Located in the heart of South Africa, the rolling prairies of the Free State make it the breadbasket of the country. In addition to its role as a major agricultural producer, the province is also rich in gold deposits, while in contrast, the eastern region is bordered by impressive mountain escarpment. In these tranquil plains, life ambles at a carefree tempo¬ but don’t be fooled by the abundant peacefulness underneath the atmospheric serenity cloaking the region. The most incredible journeys and unforgettable opportunities just wait to be experienced.

Whether your fancy includes hunting safaris, wing-shooting safaris, photographic safaris, visits to Nature Reserves, hiking through the wilderness, exploring trails of antiquity, or experiencing the elements at luxurious Recreational Resorts, the Free State has it all. Explore and experience this beautiful province, which offers so many species of animal, plant and bird life.

The Free State is the home of the renowned Black Wildebeest (White Tailed Gnu). Other species of game available here are: Springbok, Blesbok, White Blesbok, Bontebok, Eland, Zebra, Mountain Reedbuck, Fallow Deer, Ostrich..... Take your soul on an adventure you’ll never forget. The mystical charm of this province brings you closer to the rhythms of the earth, to a way of life perhaps intended for us all.


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