Lew Harris Safaris

Hunting Areas and Camps

Lew Harris Safaris offer a variety of hunting areas and packages to choose from. These areas have been carefully selected to offer you, the hunter, a choice of quality hunting grounds and a variety of species to choose from.

We offer hunting safaris in a number of different areas accross South Africa and Zimbabwe.


The North West province, sprawling plateaus of bushveld, irregularly undulating area of hot weather, semi-arid scrub, deep fertile soil and flat open plains interrupted by oddly-shaped rock formations. The province is considered by most, to be South Africa's premier gaming centre and is also an ideal destination for the holiday maker seeking a relaxing break in the untouched splendor of nature. Horizons here seem endless.


The Free State Province is epitomized by an unparalleled spatial beauty capable of healing the most weary souls. Located in the heart of South Africa, the rolling prairies of the Free State make it the breadbasket of the country. In addition to its role as a major agricultural producer, the province is also rich in gold deposits, while in contrast, the eastern region is bordered by impressive mountain escarpment. In these tranquil plains, life ambles at a carefree tempo but don’t be fooled by the abundant peacefulness underneath the atmospheric serenity cloaking the region. The most incredible journeys and unforgettable opportunities just wait to be experienced.


From.... the sun-seared twisted faults of the ancient lava mountains; from the magnificent sands of the sunset-red Kalahari; from the turbulent splendor of the mighty Orange River plunging into the gaping granite chasm of Augrabies; from the blinding expanses of the shimmering saltpans; from the star struck nights under the galactic skies from the timeless beauty of silent kokerboom forests; from the lives of the ancients painted onto ochre walls; Unique plant species; mute stone forts, red-raged sunsets exploding across the skies - setting the fabric of heaven aflame; the arterial tide of the life-giving Orange River; mountain hikes and mountain bikes and from the crack of the shot that breaks the Springbok's leaping arc... you will learn to separate "pretty stones" from a gem of lasting value! Diamonds!


While the province of KwaZulu Natal may be internationally renowned as the Kingdom of the Zulu, it is really one of the only provinces in the country that can boast a true diversity of people and culture all honed together in its very own rainbow spirit. Visitors to the province have a chance to see and experience true Zulu culture and their proud history, interact with Indian people whose forefathers came to the province as labourers in 1860 and get a taste of traditional English culture still practiced by residents whose descendants came to the territory in the nineteenth century. The mix of races and cultures gives KwaZulu Natal a completely different feel to any other province in South Africa making it equally attractive to both domestic and international visitors.


Our Limpopo Hunting Area is located in a malaria free zone in the picturesque Waterberg region of South Africa. This area is renowned for its multitude of African game and its spectacular beauty. Benefitting from the Waterberg region's abundance, a magnificent array of African plains game can be seen grazing on the open plains or congregating near one of the numerous water holes. The terrain differs from thick Bush Veld to open Savannahs and Mountains.Experience the feeling of being at the heart of life in the African bush.


Sijaria Forrest Area encompasses 330,000 acres lying along the south eastern shore of Lake Kariba. This truly remote hunting area boasts one of the highest quotas of crocodile and hippo awarded by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife and unlike other hunting areas in Zimbabwe Sijaria still has very good plains game in addition to the excellent big game.The area is comprised of Mopani forest and volcanic ridges which when combined offers outstanding habitat while still be accessible to hunters of all abilities.