Lew Harris Safaris

LEW HARRIS SAFARIS was founded in 1988 by Lew Harris.

Lew was born in the '50's, and was the only son of Lt.Col.Ralph and Bella Harris, who at that time lived in Postmasburg in the Northern Cape Province. He grew up in Postmasburg and attended Christian Boys College Boarding School in Kimberley. After graduating from high school, he did his two year compulsory Military Training and then attended Stellenbosch University in the Cape Province of South Africa.

Lew was, from a young age, an outdoors person, always interested in hunting, wildlife and photography and all kinds of sport, especially Rugby, South Africa's National Winter sport. In the early 80's he began working as a videographer and cameraman for numerous hunting outfitters in and bordering countries of South Africa.

In 1973 he met Wendy and after a long relationship they were married and lived in the small town of Harrismith in the Northern Free State until 2003, when the family moved to Bloemfontein. Their first son, Morgan was born in late 1982, their second son Donovan was born in 1984 and their third son in early 1989.


Lew's passion for the outdoors continued but he decided to take it one step forward, and in 1988, he and Wendy started Lew Harris Safaris. The business started off on a small scale, but as the years progressed, so the business grew, from strength to strength. He became known in the hunting community as “THE GENTLEMAN OF THE BUSH"

Sadly, Lew passed away in 2005.


Lew Harris Safaris continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Morgan, Donovan and Ryan now continue the business, following in their father's footsteps. They are blessed to have learned from the best.