Lew Harris Safaris


We must be doing something right...our staff have been with us since its conception in 1988. They travel with us to the camp where we will be accommodating our clients. We consider them as part of the family. Our two ladies Fikile and Agnes do all the cleaning, washing and ironing, and assisting with the catering when and if necessary. The game trackers are of the best - having an uncanny knowledge of the wild. They all take pride in the work they do and we take pride in employing them and it’s such a pleasure working as a great team together.

Lew Harris Safaris

WENDY - Owner

Born in Harrismith on the farm "Gravelotte" in the Eastern Free State, South Africa in the "50's, grew up there with parents, brother and sisters. From the age of seven, she attended boarding school in Ladysmith, Newcastle and Dundee in KwaZulu-Natal. Having completed her schooling she worked as a private secretary until she met and married Lew, and started a family in 1982. They purchased a home in the town of Harrismith where they lived for eighteen years. It was there that "LEW HARRIS SAFARIS" was founded. Over the years, three sons were born, Morgan, Donovan and Ryan.


Wendy has and still is, very involved in the business right from its foundation. She has always done all the administration work, travelled with Lew Internationally and to the bush to run the hunting camps while catering for our overseas clients , throughout the country, children and all!


In 2003, the family moved to Bloemfontein in the Free State Province, to live on a small farm, more conveniently situated to our hunting areas. Still living there, with her three sons on the property, Wendy enjoys the outdoors, gardening, the animal and birdlife and the farm life. Occasionally she still goes to the hunting areas to do the catering but mainly remains home to attend to business matters from home.

MORGAN - Chairman and Head Professional Hunter

Morgan was born in Harrismith in the Free State Province in 1982, where he lived with his parents and brothers. He attended school in Harrismith and Ladysmith and once he had graduated from school he immediately joined the family business "LEW HARRIS SAFARIS". Like his father, Morgan has always enjoyed the outdoors, and has had the privilege of experiencing it from a very young age. At the age of seven years he hunted his first animal - a trophy Impala.


From then on he was hooked on hunting. His interests while growing up included off-road motor biking, camping and outdoor activities, computers and photography. He was a good sportsman and participated in many sports but enjoyed Swimming and Rugby the most. He also had a keen interest in body-building and spent a lot of his time at the gym. He worked his way up in the business, from apprentice Professional Hunter to a full-fledged one at the age of 21. He is now licensed and registered as a Big Game Professional Hunter and Outfitter, meaning he is qualified to guide international hunters on the largest species available. Having Morgan in the business took a lot of pressure off Lew, as the business was growing to a stage where we had to hire outside Professional Hunters. Now we could rather keep it in the family.


Morgan is very involved in our hunting safaris but also does all the marketing for us. He travels internationally on our annual marketing trips and has quite recently been to Iceland too on a marketing / holiday trip with one of our many loyal clients. He is totally committed to the family and the business and does the family proud! If ever there was a workaholic...he is one of them!

DONOVAN - Managing Director and Professional Hunter

Donovan was born in the year 1984 in the small farming community town of Harrismith in the Free State Province where he lived with parents Lew and Wendy and two brothers, Morgan and Ryan. He attended school in Harrismith and for a short while in Ladysmith KwaZulu-Natal.


The outdoors was bred into him, becoming one of his many passions. Motor biking off-road and hiking the outdoors was probably his most favourite past time favourites during his school-going years. He took part in many sports, Rugby being his favourite. He was also a very strong Swimmer. At the ripe age of seven, as is one of the family traditions, he hunted his first animal - a trophy Springbok, and has been hunting ever since. From a young age he showed a strong interest in catering, and after graduating from school he attended Chef School but found that not to be what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He did his three year apprenticeship after which he too became a registered Professional Hunter and guide, following in his father and elder brother's footsteps.


Another of his interests in life was photography and has now also become a Photographer and Videographer. This has given him great opportunities in the business he's in - he photographs and videos the hunting safaris and also guides photographic safaris to places of interest like the Kruger National Park - one of the many Game Reserves we have in South Africa.


Donovan lives in his own house on the family property in Bloemfontein and will be married to Sarah, his fiancée, in early March 2010. Together they will be closely involved in the business with Sarah taking on the position if Financial Administrator.

RYAN - Professional Hunter / Photographer / Guide

The youngest of three brothers, Ryan was born in Harrismith in the Eastern Free State Province in the year 1989 and lived with parents Lew and Wendy and his two older brothers. He attended most of his school life in Harrismith, but had to change schools when the family moved to Bloemfontein in the Free State. He graduated from one of the country's top schools, "Grey College" which is renowned for its academic and sporting opportunities. More than half the country's top National Sportsmen, but mainly Rugby players come from Grey College - Bloemfontein.


Needless to say, Ryan was very involved in school rugby whilst still a scholar, and continues to play the game at one of the local Universities in the city. He also partakes in kick-boxing and is a very strong Swimmer, although he didn't pursue the sport at school. Hunting has always been one of his passions and at the age of seven years, as is always the family tradition, he hunted his first animal, a Black Wildebeest, which at the time was rated in the top ten trophy records of the world.


Ryan follows in his father's and two brother's footsteps with his love of the outdoors and has just completed his three year apprenticeship as a Professional Hunter and will be registered for such in the beginning of 2010. He is a competent hunter and has a very keen knowledge of life in the bush - an asset for the business! He is an excellent "people's person" and intends to study Marketing in the off-seasons or in any spare time he may have.

ALETTA - Office Manager

Aletta, Morgan's wife, and now member of the Lew Harris Safaris family, was born in the 80's in the small town of Schweizer Reineke in the North West province of South Africa. She and her older sister grew up there with their parents, Cotton, Bean, Sunflower and Corn farmers, enjoying the true farm life, with horse riding being one of her favourite past time interests.


Aletta attended Junior School in the local town and excelled in the sporting activities of Netball and Athletics, and achieving her Provincial Colours in Netball for the North West Province. The family later moved to another farm in Bloemfontein, just in time for her to attend High School at the Sand du Plessis High School in the city, where she continued to excel in sports and obtaining her Free State Province Colours for Athletics.


After graduating from High School, she began working for one of the biggest printing companies in the country, attending numerous estimating courses and working her way up the ladder from Receptionist to Personal Assistant and on to her present position of Company Estimator.


She loves the outdoor life and is a keen hunter, enjoying any challenge that comes her way. She has taken over the position of Office Manager in the family business "Lew Harris Safaris” , and doing an excellent job.

SARAH - Financial Administrator

Sarah, Donovan's Fiancée and soon-to-be wife, hails from Vryburg, a semi-desert area in the North West Province of South Africa. Born in the 80's, a true farm-girl, she grew up with her parents and older sister on a cattle ranch in the area. There she learned to love, respect and appreciate nature at its best. She completed her school-going years at the local small-town schools and participated in her favourite sports, Hockey and Tennis excelling at both. After graduating from High School, she furthered her studies at the University of the North West where she obtained her B.Com Law Degree, specializing in Business Management, Accounting and Law. Travel being one of her favourite interests, Sara then spent two years abroad on a working holiday in London, England, working for the Local Government there. She thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and spends as much time as she can "out there" with Donovan and the rest of our team. Returning to South Africa after the time spent abroad working and travelling, she is currently employed at the University of the Free State and holds the position of Financial Officer.


She holds the position of Financial Administrator for our company "Lew Harris Safaris", enjoys the safari industry and is learning with the speed of a running Cheetah, all 'ins' and 'outs' of how this business works and in doing so, is achieving yet another goal!