Lew Harris Safaris

Hunting with Lew Harris

My name is Geir Johnny Christensen. I have a hunting and fishing agency in Norway. The first time I met Lew Harris was here in Norway and he invited me down to South Africa to hunt with him. I was lucky enough to spend several hunts with him and a lot of what I know about African hunting comes from him. I was also lucky that I had the possibility to take him with me to Russia and meet some of my partners over there, I have a feeling that he really enjoyed that tour. But I am sure he had never been freezing so much ever, but he had always his good smile and a good story to tell. Remember we had breakfast out in the Russian Wilderness with Vodka and bread and we took a speedboat at the River of Volga. I am very happy for all the memories and there are some men in a life you never forget, Lew Harris is absolutely one of them.


Geir Johnny Christensen


I started with LEW many years ago and my goal was to take my son Robert on an adventure of a lifetime. The first year we went, Robert celebrated his 16th birthday, the Zulu girls sang happy birthday in their native language and his big game was a 22 ft Giraffe along with the other plains game animals. We took 6 other people with us. We continued with Lew for another six years, and it was a great bond between father and son, but we continues to bring 6-8 other friends with us to enjoy the great time Lew and his whole family provided us. After Lew’s death we continued hunting with Morgan and his brothers. His father showed him how to give great service and treat his clients to all Africa hunting had to offer. Through the years with the Harris family we have had hundreds of great times, laughs and wonderful hunting. We have taken hundreds of trophy's home and hundreds of good times and great memories. My son has now decided to serve his country and is a US Navy Seal serving in the west coast teams. I am sure this hunting adventure has helped guide him through some troubled times. We love the Harris family for what they have given our family and friends and hope to have many more hunts in the future.


Jeff Blomsness