Lew Harris Safaris


Only the best. We have three in the family, all licensed and registered. They have been experiencing this kind of life since birth and have a very keen knowledge of the outdoors, bush and wildlife. Should we require the services of more Professional Hunters, we use only the best.


You will be in good hands. Our guides will be with you every step of the way. They have had years of experience and are fully licensed to guide International Clients. Their knowledge of the country is outstanding and they will take you to places not many people even know exist, yet are safe. Keep in mind, to travel in any country one must have time - so planning is of utmost importance.


Our hunting camps are special. The ones we use are mainly permanent structures with thatch roofs, hot and cold running water, electricity and all the amenities of home. Most camps have swimming pools, which is a real treat for the hunter after a hard day of hunting. Each camp, whether permanent structure or tented, is situated well into the bush and blends in with the nature surrounding it. All rooms are serviced and laundry is done on a daily basis, weather permitting.